We are committed to bringing you high quality goods that are ethically produced. But what does this mean in reality? 

Unfortunately at the moment that means a higher price. That is because:

  • we manufacture in factories that pay their workers well. The factories operate under clean and sanitary conditions.
  • we choose to use high quality fabrics. We don't like see through tights (yuck), sagging and bagging fabrics, fading, odor retention (we really hate that). If we make promises we expect our garments to meet those promises. And while you may not want them to, we want our garments to go on, and on, and on...
  • our designs are not standard. We add darts or shaping to areas that need it either for performance or look reasons. We would rather add a dart than spoil the look of a garment and excuse it by saying - "oh well, its stretch...". 
  • our volumes are low. Until we are able to manufacture in large quantities then our run volumes get charged at a higher rate. This is likely to continue until we are able to launch our brand in other counties and order volumes rise.
  • Some of our garments are made right here in Australia. Unfortunately this is a reducing number of garments as the range of available fabrics is not as great as off shore and the costs are substantially higher.

Some of the costs involved are static and as we produce in smaller quantities the cost per item is greater. For example photography. When you use an agency model you pay a minimum of 2 hours of which 1 hour is spent in hair and makeup. In accordance with IR laws, super is added to the cost along with an agency fee. If you are only photographing 4 garments those costs are higher than if you were photographing 15. As we try to bring in new pieces every 1-2 months our photography costs are always going to be higher than if we only photographer 2 times a year. We figure though that you would rather keep on trend with new garments arriving more often than every six months.
We also like to photograph on a number of models so that you can see what garments look like on different shapes.

If you choose out garments you will see that quality is indeed our promise.

Regards, Jacquelyn