We are passionate people!  For what is a life without passion?

Our passions are:

  • helping other women love the skin they are in
  • creating flattering, comfortable garments
  • listening to what women find annoying or makes them feel uncomfortable when exercising and working out solutions

The feeling that we get when we receive feedback stating how people feel when wearing our garments or how an item has solved an issue is one of total satisfaction. It's why we do what we do.

Why we are passionate:

  • A great fit accentuates the positives and detracts from the negatives. There is (to me) nothing worse than seeing an ill-fitting garment on a person, making them look unattractive. It may be because my grandmother was a seamstress and always well turned out (there's a phrase you don't hear much any more) or may be I am just a clothes snob. However with the introduction of stretch clothing we (designers & manufacturers) have become lazy and rely on the stretch to give comfort at the expense of fit and old fashioned tailoring techniques.
  • One look to take you through the day - looking fabulous and feeling comfortable regardless of what activities you are performing.  One less thing for you to worry about! Makes life easier and a bit more enjoyable.
  • You perform your best when you are not worrying about or conscious of your clothing - if it looks good, if you fit in, if you feel comfortable, you can get on with the task in hand with out being distracted.

Women have to perform many tasks and have many pressures we aim to remove a few of them!

Regards, Jacquelyn